Scott ‘CJ’ Moderator – KawaNOW | ,
I have ordered a number of items produced by Chuckster’s Customs: larger lowers, handlebar risers, air cleaner backing plates, a trailer hitch and a cooler rack for my trailer. CC is easy to work with, a truly nice person, and skilled craftsman.


Schoeney | Vancouver, Washington
I purchased a set of Chuckster’s risers for my Nomad. The product was high quality, the service was great, the price was less than his competitor’s, and I am very satisfied with my purchasing experience from Chuckster.


Jody | New Underwood, South Dakota
Thank you Joe for delivering my lowers for my 2000 nomad. Your product is excellent and the service is also superb. If you are ever in the Sturgis/Rapid City area look me up.


William Cleveland (aka Mac) | Tamworth, New Hampsire
As a semi retired tech, I installed a set of Chuckster’s coasters on a 2007 Nomad. This was in part with many other mods to this bike. I like to think I know quality parts when I see them, having a 30 year background. It was easy to see that these parts were well made and of a high quality, coming with new chromed bolts in the inexpensive kit.


markpenn1 | Chandler, Arizona
I shot a email off to Chuckster Customs this morning asking info.. on what configuration needed for my scooter per MacMac’s info.. I figured better that way; then he[Chuckster] could get back to me when he wanted, rather than having to answer the phone every five minutes, while trying to makes parts for us. Holy Mackrel!!; He called me back awhile later helping me out with my needed info.. before making my order. He was on his way to get more supplies and thought he would call me, rather than a two finger answer. IMO that’s customer service to the ninth degree! I placed my order with Chucksters Customs as soon as I hung up with him. Note: I am no way or ever have been affiliated with Mr.Norris or Chucksters Customs. But won’t hesitate in the furture to order from him again!


Fred | Conyers, Georgia
Thanks a million for the 2″risers for my ’99 Vulcan 1500 classic. Man it made a new bike out of it. Sure wish I had them on my west coast trip in September. Great price, great workmanship, quick delivery.


Brian | Canton, Michigan
I have many of Chuckster’s custom parts on my bike (Air Intake, Risers, Coasters), and have worked personally with Chuckster on making mods to my bike for the past 3 years. I couldn’t be happier with the service, product quality, and devotion that he provides to each of his customers.


Mitch Brignac | Schriever, Louisiana
I purchased a trailer hitch from Chuckster’s Customs. The material and workmanship were both high quality. The hitch bolts dropped right in with no pulling or prying needed. First class job at a great price. Thanks Chuckster!


Mark Pescod | Jacksonville, Florida
I’ve bought the risers, larger lowers, and cam chain extenders from Joe. All transactions were very smooth. Shipping was fast. Products were all very high quality. I highly recommend!


Bob Hamlin | Thurmont, Maryland
I was modifying my air intake and needed Chuckster’s backing plate. It was not a standard mod, and he carefully asked me several questions to make sure I was getting what I needed. His finished work is excellent–reflecting his attention to detail.


Ron | Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania
I purchased larger lowers and risers from Chuckster. Great products and he took the time to talk to me on the phone to help figure out what was the best for me. Shipping was super fast! Thanks for the help!